Hair Strand Test using Garnier Olia

This is carrying on from the Garnier Olia skin allergy patch test but it is a hair strand test to see what my dark brown hair would look like if I were to dye it with Deep Violet 3.16. The smell of it is very floral and pleasant. It contains no ammonia and it uses toulene 2,5 diamine.


With the remaining dye mix, I used a virgin strand of hair (dark brown with natural tones of red) and covered it in the mix.

hair-strand-olia mix-olia

After 30 minutes


I rinsed the strand off and washed it with Wella Elements shampoo with is SLS free and paraben free. It was the first one that came to hand. A lot of red came out of the hair and I would imagine this would fade after a few washes. And dried the strand with a hair dryer.

hair-strand-sunshine-olia  sunshine2--olia

In the sunshine it is a really pretty dark burgundy, plumy, red; essentially a red based violet, not a blue based violet. I think the name is a little misleading but I compared the hair to the box and they just about match.


I think when applying it depends what has been on the hair before as, like a patch test, everybody’s hair history is different.

However, if you want a blue toned violet so you can get a purple hue, don’t use this.


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