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Hair Strand Test using Garnier Olia

This is carrying on from the Garnier Olia skin allergy patch test but it is a hair strand test to see what my dark brown hair would look like if I were to dye it with Deep Violet 3.16. The smell of it is very floral and pleasant. It contains no ammonia and it uses toulene 2,5 diamine.


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How to do a 2 part Patch Test – Garnier Olia

A slightly different patch test – I used a different, vibrant colour and also did a hair strand test.

The instructions do say to just do a one part skin allergy patch test with the colourant. I would rather use the product as it would be on my head.
The product I chose was Olia by Garnier in Deep Violet 3.16. It contains no ammonia and it uses toulene 2,5 diamine. It has similar properties to PPD and can cause an allergic reaction.

I had seen on twitter several people had mentioned they were disappointed it hadn’t turned their hair a blue based violet tone as they expected.

A small disclaimer – The photos used are of my arm. At the time I was taking some prescribed medication for migraines, hayfever nasal spray and over the counter antihistamines Zirtek. I do get eczema, I have no tattoos, I have never smoked and I have never had any henna tattoos.


This took no longer than 5 minutes to do and it was warm : 20 degrees Celsius. Continue reading

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Leo Bancroft Salon – Skin Allergy Test Policy

The Leo Bancroft Salon (as seen on This Morning, The Salon) is quite a challenging website to navigate. There is however an app which makes things a little easy. On the website all the information is under the Contact tab. If you have any questions send an e-mail or phone up the salon.

I couldn’t see a skin allergy test policy on the website or app so I sent an e-mail. I got a very quick reply saying that: –

‘ We require a skin test to take place at least 48 hours before any colour services.
If you would like to pop in we can do that for you or if you would prefer we can send you one in the post.’

Really helpful and a very friendly reply to my e-mail.

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